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Image by Danielle Cerullo
Image by Danielle Cerullo

24 Hour gym

Problem: They were not getting enough leads to have their managers and sales team call and found their business was going backwards due to having more people cancel then sign up. 


Method: The Lvin Media team immediately got to work to come up with a marketing campaign that was going to hit. 
Everyone wants to do something about their health and fitness and it was our gym to convince them too. 

Results: Using the power of social media, the Lvin Media team were able to generate them leads instantly. 
Ad spend: $7,400
Cost per lead: $6

Leads: 1,222

Sign up rate: 21%
Avg membership yield: $899

Return: $230,144.00

Website design .jpg


Problem: The property market is booming right now and houses are selling before they even go online. They needed to generate more listing appraisals

Method: Reverse psychology how people think when it comes to selling their property and put it to the market in exchange for their details

Results: Cost per lead: $3-$7 including: 
Full Name

Home Address

Social Media management .jpg
Social Media management .jpg

Miss Fit Bikini Model

Problem: They found that when they posted on social media that there posts weren't going anywhere

Method: Come up with a strategic marketing plan to hit the right people by telling a story. 

Results: Organic reach increased by 378%


Live Co

Problem: Wasn't getting enough good traffic to the website and sales were to inconstant. 

Method: The Lvin Media Team immediately got to work sourcing data, creating a formula designed to rapidly scale social spend and maximise profitability. 

Optimising the website conversion rate by tailoring content to tell a story rather than sell a product. We were not only able to build sales but build brand value and trust.

Results: With in our first month of setting the new strategy in place, we were able to give constantly $40k+ weeks. To date, revenue is still increasing at an astronomical rate.

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